Seto Christmas

Yay! It's Christmas time! You know what that means... TONS of family and relaxing. Wahoooo!

Enjoy the Album
-Garvin (^_^)


Training and Becka and Jenna's Annual Christmas Shopping Excursion

Minneapolis, MN ...aka MALL OF AMERICA!!

Dual trip. Part A Training and Part B SHOPPING!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Part A
Training for work in the negative degree weather!! BRRRRR
When I was scoping out the mall for the Shopping Excursion, I met a football player from the Vikings. He has four babies and a trophy wife.

Part B
Jenna and I have done our annual shopping excursions since elementary school. This was going to be the first year it might not work out... boo... so for my christmas present, Garvin gave the gift of the most amazing excursion ever! Jenna and I have dreamed about going to MoA for many many years, and our dream came true! We were even supplied special Vera Bradley bags to help us carry our loot, and it was already equipped with water and a protein snack!! Ready to go!

We had an amazing time at the mall. We saw Kellie Pickles (Pickler) perform,,, she's from American Idol (which I learned hehe). .. And of course we shopped but of course did not drop. (We are professional shoppers). We spent 24hours at the mall and were only there for two days! We rock!

Enjoy the pics,
Love, Becka (and Jenna and Garvin)

p.s. Added the movies to the Theater... enjoy Garvin (^_^)


When Becka's Away... the Stripers come out and play Winking

Wire strippers that is smiley_wink So Bill found an Xbox360 controller mod (link-age) and you can prolly figure out the rest of the story smiley_wink What was supposed to be a one day project to do three controllers, quickly became a weekend long project to do just one. Xbox360 controller + Bill sleeping over two nights + 2 trips to Sears + 2 trips to radio shack = A back-lit Xbox360 controller with semi-working buttons smiley_laugh


Enjoy the very blurry pics
-Garvin (^_^)


Lots of Family and Lots Food! What more can you ask for? Everybody had a Great time this year. Mama Shaffer came all the way from Yuma , AZ and Leah came from Rochester,NY. Can't wait for next year.


Enjoy All the TASTEY PICS
-Garvin (^_^)

Emergence Day: Gears of War. We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!

Ok for those who don't know. Emergence Day was a 24-hour Gears of war tournament. To sum it all up... out of 55,000+ Bill ranked 108 and I was 237.

Quick Highlights:
+ Waking up @ 3:15am to start playing the tourney.
+ Bill took down an entire team of 4 by himself in "War Machine".
+ I took down an entire team of 4 with a chainsaw in "GridLock".
+ The reactions we got for taking them down single handedly.
+ Bill and I revived each other 10 times a piece in a match.
+ Super-Ultra-Spidey-Sense... Whenever Bill and I were forced on different teams, we would tell each other where our teammates were when we died, thus giving us easy kills cause we knew where they were hiding.
+ Running straight through the sniper tower in "GridLock" passing all the bad guys.
+ Bill not being able to head shot a downed guy @ point blank range and hearing people laugh @ him off my screen.

Enjoy the Super-Cool pics
-Garvin (^_^)

New House Pics... Kinda...

New house pics album "2K6_House_Part2"... Mostly TV pics right now but it'll fill up with other house pics soon smiley_wink


Enjoy the ALL the 52 inch goodness!
-Garvin (^_^)

Xbox Live Stats

Ooooo BONUS! Under the brand spankin new section "Extras", you'll find the new Digidreamerz feature, "Xbox 360 Live Stats".

Game On Yo!
-Grrvin (^_^)

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays... Birthday update-A-Palooza

Sooooooo many Birthdays in October. Sooo here a 10 seconds recap... haunted hay ride... cake...Surprise Hello Kitty Waffle Breakfast... Ribs... more cake... cozy socks (Mama Ionina Reference.. just in case it was too obscure smiley_wink.. boat loads of sushi... MORE CAKE!.... HAPPY HALLOWEEN (yes that was chronological order).

Birthday List:
10-08: Sofiya
10-20: Teresa
10-26: Becka
10-27: Mama Ionina
10-30: Pete


Kim Wedding

Joe and Lisa's wedding was AMAZING. Everybody had a great time. I think the best part was when Lisa sucker-punched Joe in the face with cake soooo hard most of it lodge in his nose (and yes there's a pic smiley_wink.


Update-A-Palooza part duex

Another Huge Update-A-Palooza... 10 new Albums! and (you may not notice but) a new site.

Codonics Invades Japan

Team U.S.A. Wahooo!!!

Sunday Highlights (Pre-Game):
+ Team U.S.A. has landed.
+ The first Virtua made it to the hotel.  The second Virtua is still M.I.A.  Seeing how Monday is a Japanese holiday, it will probably arrive Tuesday.
+ Thanks God I sent a Virtua out one day earlier.

Monday (Pre-Season):

+ Go to Codonics Japan and get everything ready for Medasys tomorrow.
+ Send a couple Japanese Studies to make sure everything is working.
+ Get real Japanese Disclaimer for SmartDrive from Hayama-san.
+ Begin Hayama-san crash course in all things i18n.
+ Walked through Akihabara (know for their techo bling and arcades).
+ Walked through Ginza (know for their expense shops).

Tuesday (09-19) (1st Quarter)
+ Medasys 10:30 {Test, and get final Japanese Viewer}
+ 6 Hour Road Trip outside of Tokyo
+ Move to Aich Hotel Anjyo (Wahooo it has INTERNET!)

Wednesday (09-20)  (2nd Quarter)
+ Codnics Road Show is at full steam!!! chuu chuuuuu
+ Okazaki Citizen Hospital 11:00
+ Okozaki Ichikoi Hospital 14:00
+ Toyota Medical Hospital 16:00
+ Back to Tokyo (by Train)

Thursday (09-21)  (3rd Quarter)

+ Two more hospitals.
+ Got to receive real images. YES!!! REAL DATA!!!
+ Get CRUNK and celebrate.... (^_^)

Friday (09-22) (4th Quarter)

+ Lost my Passport :-\
+ Wrap up with Hayama-san (crash course in s/w)
+ Alan leaves 11:00am

+ Visit Asakusa Temple

Saturday (09-22) (Homecoming)
+ Leave Japan @ 11:00am


It's always fun to travel abroad to experience other cultures, eat good food, and realize just what we take for granted everyday.
enjoy the album
-Garvin (^_^)

New Family Album

YAY! Just added the Tam Family Album.

Enjoy the pics
-Grrvin (^_^)

Alicia Visit

Skee Ball and Put Put (Miniature Golf for some people) what more can you ask for in a day. smiley_smile


-Garvin (^_^)

Cleveland Air Show

To be filled out by Bill


Meet the Parents

To be filled out by Sofiya or Mike.


Joe's Bachelor's Party

Joe's Bachelor's Party... mmmm I really can't talk too much about it... HAHAHAAA! Just kidding. The weekend went by super-fast. I won tons of $$$. Gary won some money. Joe won... errrr... um... well at least he got free drinks when he gambled. Pretty much we gambled a lot and ate tons of food. Enjoy the pics


-Garvin (^_^)

p.s. My camera died at the beginning of the trip. I will update the album with more pics when I get them from Gary.

Steelers Game

Two trips to Pittsburgh in one year?!?! No I haven't gone crazy smiley_wink We all had a GREAT time! Saw a good game, had over priced stadium food, and saw trophies.



p.s. Yes the flash on Bill's cam is Super-Bright

Nguyen Reception

Round 2 of Martin's wedding. The whole weekend of the reception in Cleveland was another great time. Boy do those Vietnamese know how to eat, 10 course dinners that last 3 hours are awesome. Good times with friends both new and old, awesome food, a little dancing, and an all around fun experience that I think everyone enjoyed.  And if anyone asks, I am 3% Vietnamese.



Nguyen Wedding

Four days of fun in Kansas City. Martin took that crazy leap and got himself married. It was quite the experience being in a Vietnamese wedding, plenty of good people and good food. My vocabulary of about 30 words didn't really help all that much, but I still had a blast. Congrats to Martin and Quyen.



MAJOR! Update-A-Palooza!

7 New albums updated to the site. Enjoy all the pics!

Sofiya and Mike @ Boston

To be filled out by Sofiya or Mike.


Das san castle to end all sand castles

The sand castle to end all castles! Well... errrr.. that's of course until we build another one. Could have used some more help, ahem smiley_wink Fun time @ Edge Water Park! Enjoy the pics.

Happy Birthday Mama Seto

Just when we finished Kelvin's birthday cake, we get more cake!!! Wahooo!
enjoy the pics.


Steam Engine Show... need I say more...

Steam Engines and Canons what else would you ask for in a Super-Cool Album. Check out Bill's trip to the Steam Engine Show in his album.

Happy Birthday Kelvin

Yay more Cake and Presents! Enjoy the pics (^_^)

Highland Heights HomeDays

Yay for Highland Hts. HomeDays and Double YAY for Becka being able to ride for free on the kiddie rides when she brings Kelvin, LUCKY! Enjoy the Album!

Sand Castle Water Park

Pittsburgh Again?!?! What?!?! No we haven't lost our minds. We had a fun filled time at Sand Castle. Will definitely need to go back next year smiley_wink Enjoy the Pics.

Happy Birthday Donut Sue

The title pretty much says it all smiley_wink Wahoo Party! Enjoy the pics (^_^)

Update: House pics

Hey Gang! It's that time again. You got it HOUSE UPDATE! Wahooo! Around one more month left. smiley_laugh can't wait.

Sofiya New York Pics

Added pics from Sofiya and Mike's trip in NYC. You can scope them out in Sofiya's Album. Here is a quick tease smiley_wink

Another year another Pittsburgh Anniversary

For our anniversary Becka and I always goto Pittsburgh (yeah its a looooong story). We've gone to the same restaurant in the same city 3 times now, which makes this our 2nd Anniversary!!! YAY ::Clap:: ::Clap:: okie dokie enjoy the pics.

Matt Visit

Yay! fun filled time with Matt this weekend. From seeing the new house to ice skating to BBQ @ Mentor Headlands and wrapping up with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest everybody had a great time! Enjoy the pics.


Back from Canada with tons O pics. Quick re-cap of the trip: Played "Name that Tune" to and from Toronto, Lots of eating {1/3 lb. sausages, dim sum, fancy stuff @ the CN Tower}, met famous Chinese watercolor artist, bought paintings for famous Chinese watercolor artist, went to super mall Eaton Center {6 stories of shopping goodness}, blew a lot of money, went to the largest Chinatown (second to only CHINA, yeah it was that HUGE smiley_wink, and last but definitely not least Joe made a new boyfriend. Everybody had a great time. Toronto is like a cleaner NYC. Goin back @ the end of the month smiley_wink
Enjoy the album. (^_^)

Updates... Updates... Updates...

Hey Gang... Updated House and Fam albums

Cleveland Rib Cook Off

We Came... We Saw... We Conquered... and boy are we STUFFED. :smiley_laughrum Roll:: Final Tally: 24 Ribs... 2 snow cones... 2 corn on the cobs with cajun powder... 3 large lemonades... 1 ice cream waffle sandwich... 2 free samples of vanilla ice cream... and 1 pack of Tums (for Sofiya smiley_wink We also met a Cleveland celebrity, Al "Bubba" Baker (history_linkage). He was representing for the Cleveland Browns and his ribs (tastey_Bubba_plug_linkage)... mmmmmm. Yes yes pics have been added to the 2K6 Album. Enjoy! (^_^)
p.s. yes Bubba's the one with the black shirt smiley_wink

Becka's Graduation Wahoo

Wahoo! Becka Graduated today! We got to watch flying tortillas and everything. (check out the theater smiley_wink Enjoy the new pics.

House Album is up

Enjoy the house album. It will be a running album so check for new house pics every once in a while.

Funny Faces

Added funny face pics to 2k6 Album.

Big Upset in Cinci

Joe lost again! in a heated rib battle.

Fun in Philly

Sofiya, Bill and I went to visit Mike in Philly... visited the New Jersey Adventure Aquarium Yay good times.

enjoy the pics
-Garvin (^_^)

YAY! Download Center is Finally UP

Wahooooo! ALL 5.7 GBs for pictures are ready to be downloaded.
enjoy -Garvin (^_^)

Download Center Down Sad

As you may have noticed that somethings are not fully implemented yet smiley_wink The game plan is to get the Download Center fully loaded by this weekend so that everybody can download the full unscaled version of every picture.
ok laters -Grrvin (^_^)

Garvin's BDay

Fun filled weekend! Jam-Crammed with Skiing, Food, Friends, more Food, House stuff, and even more Food!

-Grrvin (^_^)

Official LAUNCH!

YAY the MediaCast Officially goes LIVE today! Enjoy Yo!
-Grrvin (^_^)