TurkeyZilla Sandwich

Yay! New Category! "Food News". Anywho... we made turkey sandwiches during Becka's movie night, but I had vision of
a HUGE turkey sandwich with all the fixins for a Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmmm. Hence the birth of the TurkeyZilla

1) Bake turkey wing for 15 minutes @ 400
2) Pull the meat off the wing
3) Two toasted slices of Leah's sourdough bread
4) Top one slice of toast with fresh provolone cheese, turkey meat, and gravy
5) Top other slice of toast with mashed potatoes and gravy (Oh yeah you heard what I said)
6) Put the two halves together and have a good time

Enjoy the album... the pics are also in the Becka BDay Misc Album too.
-Garvin (^_^)